Iconic Wrestlers and Their Lives Outside the Four Corners of the Ring

Lives of wrestlers is a rewarding occupation and for others, they risk their very own body and lives for entertaining the crowd. With that said, we give honor to all the wrestlers out there by discussing their lives outside the ring.

You’ll be surprised when you found out their occupation. Some are teachers, others had hidden talents in music and writing. With all these details, let’s look at some of the most famous wrestlers of all time and see where they at and their investments during their spare time when they are out of the ring.


The Big Red Killing Machine known as Kane is at his 50s and most people are not aware that he’s actually the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. He showed his prowess both inside the ring and in politics.
During his prime in the wrestling ring, he was mostly paired up against his “so-called” half-brother, The Undertaker, by Paul Bearer – a historic manager in the wrestling world. After the plastic surgery-like injury that happened with Paul Bearer’s face, Kane emerged in the ring and faced off with his half-brother in a plot made by the wrestling management.
Aside from the successful career in wrestling and politics, he also appeared in movies and television shows such as Smallville where he played in the episode called Combat and the movie See No Evil.

Ric Flair

With almost four decades of solid wrestling profession under his belt and considered as one of the best wrestlers of all time, Ric Flair has experienced a majestic journey. Credit to his long and marvelous career, he took home the World Championship belt 16 times. Like most of his contemporaries, he also appeared in shows and movies and he even did a voiced project for an animated series.

Macho Man Randy Savage

Randall Mario Poffo is widely known for his ring name, Randy Savage and Macho Man, which is considered one of the best all-around performer that stepped into the wrestling ring. Aside from wrestling, he also made a few projects that made him earned some income as an actor and an endorser.
He took a role in a television series and movies like Ready to Rumble, Spider-Man and he even appeared in an episode in Baywatch. I guess he didn’t need any bankruptcy lawyers during that time with all the projects he took during his prime.

Razor Ramon

Scott Oliver Hall, also known as Razor Ramon, entered the pro wrestling stage in the 1980s and took the main stage in the early 90s. He was a four-time World Wrestling Federation’s Intercontinental Champion and his style of wrestling made him get a few appearances in various shows.

Although he had some issues with his personal life in the past, he didn’t report any money management issues. In the past few years, he seemed to be done dealing with his personal issues and for those who are in the loop, we saw a better and healthier Scott Hall nowadays compared to the past.


Probably the most dominant female wrestler that entered the ring, Joan Marie Laurer, also known as Chyna, managed to carve her legacy in the wrestling world. She was credited for the first female wrestler to ever join the top male wrestlers that participated at the Royal Rumble matches and the King of The Ring.
After her career ended as a wrestler, she did some modeling projects for a magazine back in the early 2000s and she also was the star of an adult documentary during that span. She also released an autobiography named If They Only Knew which topped The New York Times’ bestseller list.

Sid Vicious

Sidney Raymond Eudy is known by his fans by his ring names Sid Vicious, Sid Justice and Sycho Sid. He first started to make an income with his wrestling career in the 1980s and later became a huge part of the World Wrestling Federation’s plans.
He also appeared in some shows such as Ready to Rumble, Death from Above and River of Darkness. He’s also one of the playable characters in various WWF game titles released for NES and SNES. Same goes for recent wrestling titles such as WWE 2K18 and WWE 2K19.

The Coach

Jonathan Coachman didn’t only participate in commentating professional wrestling matches but he also shines as a college basketball player on the hardwood. For those who don’t know, he used to be part of his college team and that might probably help him go long during his studying time without any need for student loans.


Dennis Knight used to be part of the wrestling world in the 90s up until the early 2000s. He was known for his ring names Mideon, Tex Slazenger and Phineas I. Godwin. Little did his fans know, he is also great in cooking as he immediately worked as a chef after retiring from professional wrestling. We’re just not sure if he had a culinary degree but it looks as he is far better than most of his competition in this regard.


Steve Keirn started working in the wrestling ring back in 1972. His career was mostly paired up with a fellow wrestler where they brought home a bunch of tag team championship under their belt.
Although he’s not involved in wrestling matches anymore, he immediately took the initiative and wanted to teach wrestling and allotted some of his time as an investment for training new blood who are interested in wrestling.