Lisa Michel Bonnet is an American film and television actress. When she was a kid with advertising, she stepped into the world of charm and entertainment. After majoring in acting at the Celoid Actor Studios in North Hollywood, she has worked for several years on several films and television shows, especially the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show. Her role in the series, Denise Huxtable, evoked her recognition and welcome and re-appeared in the series’ derivative comedy “Alternative World.”

She showed diversity when she starred in the new American black psychological horror movie Angel Heart, which had to play the same Mitch Rock and bold scenes as The Cosby Show. The role of good friends in the game is in stark contrast. She was then banished from The Cosby Show because of the “creative difference.” Lisa Bonet is what a “cougar” really means. Married to Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, The Cosby Show actress is actually 12 years senior. But despite her age, Denise Huxtable still remains a timeless beauty. “My favorite form of fitness is dance. I take an African dance class that I live for. I just walked in one day, and I have been doing it pretty regularly for seven years now.”