Here Are 20 Hotel Hacks That Will Definitely Upgrade You To A 5-Star Treatment

Staycations are nice but we have to admit – luxury is pricey. However, there are still many things that you can do to maximize your hotel experience. Here are some of the most genius hotel hacks that will give you an instant upgrade to a 5-star treatment.

1.What’s The Occasion?

Whether you’re on a honeymoon, celebrating your birthday, hosting a bridal shower or traveling for your wedding anniversary, there is always a reason to go on a vacation. Don’t forget to let the hotel know what you’re celebrating. It usually comes with a perk.

2.Netflix and chill

Being in another country often means having to settle with lame channels in foreign language. Why not take this as an opportunity to Netflix and chill? Pull up your laptop and choose whatever you want to enjoy. Make sure you bring your HDMI cable, though. You don’t want to pay extra charges for on-demand videos let alone for a simple TV cord.

3.Breakfast Hacks

Notice that juice cups are often tiny? This makes you have to sit near the juice station for easier refill. Well, you must also know that coffee cups tend to be bigger so you might just want to use the bigger ones to hold your right amount of fresh.

4. No speakers? No problem

Traveling light may mean we got to leave our speakers behind for taking so much space. But don’t fret, there’s one thing you can do to amplify your travel soundtrack! Just grab an empty mug, turn your music on and put it in. Now, dance!

5.Phone Pockets

Not all hotel rooms have night stands. But instead of giving up and letting your things lie on the floor, make a little pocket out of your sheets. Slip in your phone and voila! You can now sleep in peace.

6. Free Water

Why do you have to buy expensive water when you can get it for free? Here’s a tip: carry around an empty water bottle. While bottled water doesn’t always come cheap, you can actually sneak into a fitness center and likely find a water cooler. Never forget to stay hydrated!

7. Bring In Some Moisture

Staying in for long hours tend to dry you up. This will make you realize you do need some humidity from time to time. How? You can actually get moisture by taking a suitcase rack and drape it with a damp towel. Placing it in front of the radiator will help maintain enough humidity to keep you from freezing.

8. Fresh Aroma

There will be times when you find yourself checked into a room that doesn’t really smell as pleasing. Don’t let this ruin your vacation! You can fix this problem by going back to your car. Get one of those car air fresheners that you have and clip it to the air conditioning vent. Your room will definitely smell as good as you want it.

9.Soundproof Rooms

You really can’t avoid the noise outside your walls especially when you’re staying in a hotel on peak season. However, you can at least wedge a rolled towel into the crack by the door. This will make your room as quiet and peaceful as you need it to be.


One of the best things to do in hotels is oversleep. While some room windows are facing the sunlight directly, those bright rays coming in through the gaps of the curtain do disturb our extended sleep. Next time when you’re about to go to bed, grab a couple of pants hangers and use the clips to shut the curtain. You should get a good 12-hour sleep by then.