Rich and Famous: Celebrity Homes and Investments

Celebrities are known for having plenty of spare money to spend on fancy things like cars, wardrobes, gadgets, and other luxury items. Automatic closets where they store their thousand-dollar bags, cellars with vintage wines, and a lavish-looking fireplace that you can’t find in regular real estate listings.
These are the things that normal people can only dream about, and everyone strives to reach a certain income level. For now, let’s indulge ourselves and take a look at the homes of these famous people. We might be inspired to apply certain aspects of their home to ours. So without further ado, let’s visit the home of these celebrities and famous personalities!

Celine Dion – $65 Million, Florida

Legendary diva Celine Dion reached the pinnacle of success in her career and is best known around the world for her distinct voice and heartfelt songs. Considering her achievements, we also expect her to have a high net worth and a matching lifestyle. She bought a Bahamas-inspired paradise mansion with a water park that is located in Florida which covers an area of 5.7 acres of lush greenery, with more than 415 feet of private oceanfront space, annual taxes of more than 350,000 US dollars. There are 13 bedrooms and 14 full and six and a half bathrooms between the nearly 10,000 square foot main building and five separate pavilions.

Her estimated net worth is $380 million, which is more than enough to cover all the expenses and insurance for this one-of-a-kind luxury home. The estate features a man-made river and water slides. It also sports eight bedrooms and has a view of the beach and its surrounding areas.