These Flawless Celebrities Are Aging Like Fine Wine!


Rene Russo may have struggled with a long-term mental illness, but she didn’t let it affect how she looks. The Lethal Weapon actress went through laser treatments and Botox to defy her age lines. To our way of thinking, one of the many cures to mental health is looking good, and this way, a person can boost their confidence and feel good about themselves. Russo’s technique actually paid off since she is not just young-looking today, but she is in a healthier state of mind as well.

She invested her time in embracing her condition and focus on the facts that can help her out instead of stressing about the ones that she has no power over. With her loved ones’ support, she became a stronger version of herself and conquered the bad days by focusing on what would keep her healthy and beautiful. She is even twice as beautiful now! Russo continues to maintain a good credit score in the film industry and recently appeared in Avengers: Endgame.