Madonna Dropped Out Of College And Worked At Dunkin Donuts

When Madonna was sure she wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, she dropped out of college and started working at Dunkin Donuts. She was strapped for cash and perhaps could barely afford rent, let alone house mortgages. Her career at Times Square, however, did not last a day, as her manager kicked her out after the future star squirted jelly filling on a customer. Undaunted by the experience, she waitressed for several other restaurants. She was then introduced to the punch rock music scene in 1979, giving birth to the Madonna we now admire. She has gone a long way from earning below minimum wage to having a net worth of at least half a billion dollars.

Lady Gaga Has A Ghost Detector

Lady Gaga is known for her eclectic fashion, so we’re not too surprised that she also believes in the supernatural. The singer spent $47,000, chipping away from her investments, to buy an electro-magnetic ghost detector. This was because she suspected a ghost to be stalking her! Feeling that the sensor was inadequate, she also hires paranormal experts to check every concert venue and the hotel where they are billeted during shows. Lady Gaga is a profoundly spiritual persona, but for many, this might be going a bit too far. This has not hindered her from being successful, fortunately. In 2010, Lady Gaga was ranked as the second most powerful musician on Earth. This, of course, came with hard work on her part.

Tom Cruise Bought an Ultrasound Machine

If you are wealthy and can afford the luxuries of life, there are certain privileges that on you have access to. In Tom Cruise’s case, he bought an ultrasound machine so he and Katie Holmes can watch the growth of their child together. He did not mind the steep price of the sonogram machine, nor the resulting higher electricity bills. These machines are reported to cost $25,000 to $200,000. After his daughter was born, the machine did not go to waste and was later donated to a hospital. His purchase, however, was not welcomed by the medical community. Many of them agreed that doing an ultrasound in the absence of a trained doctor could potentially harm the baby inside the womb.

Jake Gyllenhaal Learned Driving From Paul Newman

Jake has iconic actor Paul Newman as his godfather. As part of his duties, Paul taught Jake how to step on the gas, shift the stick, and drive a car. It is not a surprise that Jake has such a prominent figure as his godfather given his family’s legacy in the entertainment industry. Jake, of course, is more than just a well-connected actor, he also built fame on his own merit. He and his sister, Maggie, were even nominated at the Oscars. His performance on the film Brokeback Mountain is talked about even until today. Maggie and Jake join other siblings who were both nominated for the Oscars, including Meg and Jennifer Tilly, River and Joaquin Phoenix, and even Julia and Eric Roberts.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is The Godfather Of Heath Ledger’s Daughter

The 2005 Brokeback Mountain star is godfather to Heath Ledger’s daughter, Matilda. Heath passed away in 2008 and Jake still openly talks about the grief he felt at his friends passing. Michelle Williams and her daughter have nothing to worry about, however. Michelle is an established actress, and Matilda also has the support of her father’s many friends. With Jake serving as a godparent, she has another strong father-figure in her life as well. Jake has maintained a close relationship with Matilda, who is now 14 years old. Would Jake advise Matilda to be part of the show business? Perhaps. But Jake might also highlight that education is critical and advise Matilda to get a degree before deciding on a career.

Tom Hanks is a Typewriter Collector

The American actor is a typewriter collector and counts himself as one of its many enthusiasts. In the age of computers and tablets, it is surprising for some to hold on to the old technology. But, there is a certain appeal to the mechanical way of writing letters, speeches, and manuscripts back then. There is that degree of thoughtfulness and a sense of accomplishment. Such is the case for Tom Hanks who, in 1978, even brought his plastic typewriter to a restorer who refused to repair it. He called it a useless toy and a plastic copy. The restorer oriented him on what a good machine looked like, and sold Tom a Hermes 2000. This was the first among the 100 he now owns.

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