These Jaw-dropping Celebrity Vehicles Will Give You a Sneak Peak on how it’s Like To Be Rich and Famous

We all know that celebrities are expensive. Although we can only dream of what their luxurious life will be like, their car collection gives us a deep understanding of their wealth. For the average middle-class car buyer, owning a car of more than $25,000 seems to be a huge expense. But the highest-paid celebrities can easily buy cars in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even millions of dollars.

Celebrity cars can also gain insight into the personalities of our favorite musicians, actors and actresses, and reality show stars. Some people prefer vintage cars, while others prefer luxury and speed, driving more than 200 miles per hour.

Below is a summary of the 80 most expensive celebrity cars. They were chosen not only to make your salary low, but also to let celebrities all over the world express their feelings through their precious vehicles.

Lamborghini Murcielago at $380K – Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is one of the wealthiest artists in the world. She surely knows how-to drive-in style as she owns a Lamborghini Murcielago. She is also reported to have a $175 million in her bank account. She can surely afford the luxurious vehicle and a car insurance. Murciélago is the successor to Diablo and the automaker’s flagship V12 lineup, which was launched in 2001 as a coupe.

This $ 375,000 exotic is powered by a 640-hp V12, which launches it from 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. According to the EPA, the LP640 was the least efficient vehicle on the road in 2008, at just 8 miles / gallon, but we’re pretty sure no owner has ever complained about that. In addition, The production year of this model starts at US$158,300 and the latest price is US$229,460. It is not the most expensive or strangest car Jackson has, but it is the most famous.