These Flawless Celebrities Are Aging Like Fine Wine!

Betty White

Betty White is considered the actress who has the longest television career, being active in the industry since the 1930s. With a profession spanning for decades, she absolutely has a good credit score. No doubt she first rose to fame due to her talent in cracking funny lines. Aside from being a comedy symbol, she is also an epitome of beauty and success. She is the first woman to produce her sitcom. Despite her age, White has no plans to retire. You might have even heard her recently in the movie Toy Story 4.

As for her beauty secret on how to keep looking young and fight signs of aging, White tells no specific regime. Instead, she loves to tell people that they should be proud of their age and even their wrinkles. In an interview, she revealed she loves vodka, but it never gets in her way to look good. As someone who is already 98, she surely has a lot of experiences that she can share with everyone.